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Complete Guru Management Program


Grow your business to $250,000 in Sales Guaranteed in the first 12 months or we will continue to build, create and manage limitless campaigns until you earn $250,000.

After the first 12 months is complete, and the first $250,000 is achieved, you may choose to continue enjoying our ongoing Guru Management for only 15% of sales. 

What You Get

  • Coaching – James MacNeil is your personal 1-on-1 Guru Success Coach, valued at $100,000
  • Business Management – Total Business Management Services Including Your Personal Business Manager and Production Concierge, valued at $50,000
  • Boutique Paid Gig, and Sales Stage, Promotional Services – Helping you get on the biggest and best stages with the biggest names starting with Les Brown and James MacNeil, valued at $20,000
  • DreamLife Coach + Pure Coach Training & Certification, valued at $20,000
  • Instant Guru Publishing – Your Book will be crafted and published by iLove Books, valued at $18,000
  • The Ultimate Guru Launch with Les Brown and James MacNeil, valued at $12,500
  • Guru Leader Mentorship – Full Year of James MacNeil’s Guru Group Coaching, valued at $10,000
  • Website – Design, build, and launch a fully fleshed-out website/brand, valued at $7,000
  • Lead Capture – Build and create lead magnets and capture leads into your CRM/Database , valued at $2,000
  • Social Media – Set up and build systems to make it easy to manage and use social media for your business, valued at $2,000
  • Content Creating – Teach you how to use and manage your social media.  We will train you on what to post and when to post it, valued at $2,000
  • Database – Set up all your email automations, campaigns, and funnels to grow your database and promote your speaking/book/business, valued at $3,000
  • Limitless Funnels & Campaigns – Build out marketing funnels and campaigns, valued at $25,000
  • Game Plan – They get a clear game plan for their business for the next 12 months, valued at $2,500

Total Value: $274,000
Your Price: $100,000


What You Get

  • Your chapter published in a compilation book with LES BROWN – PRICELESS
  • Chapter strategy coaching session, valued at $2,497
  • Ghostwriting your chapter, valued at $3,497
  • Full, thesis-level editing, valued at $4,997
  • Full copyright ownership of the chapter
  • Professional book cover (front, back, spine), valued $997
  • Your personal eBook, of your chapter, in PDF format
  • Your custom-personalized cover is branded to the full anthology, valued at $497
  • The Power of the Author training, valued at $1,997
  • You will be interviewed on “New World Changers” James MacNeil’s Youtube show, valued at $997
  • You will be given 30 minute stage time on the “Next Level YOU” virtual event
  • Your own speaker one-pager, valued at $997
  • Social media graphics with mock-ups of book, valued at $297
  • Amazon bestseller campaign coaching, valued at $997
  • 100 printed copies of the book for you to share and sell, valued at $2,997
  • Your personal global press release, valued at $1,997
  • Audiobook recording coaching, valued at $997
  • Pure Voice Power course, valued at $997
  • You will enjoy a 20-Minute time slot on our ONLINE Book Launch, PRICELESS
  • Red carpet IN-PERSON book launch with LES BROWN, valued at $1,997
  • You will be featured in your “Anthology Book Short-film Documentary” You will receive your own copy to use without restrictions, valued at $4,497

Total Value: $79,997
Your Price: $21,997

DreamLife Coach

What You Get

  • Guru Leader Mentorship valued at $10,000
  • 2 Spiritual Retreat valued at $10,000
  • In Person Training and Coaching with James valued at $30,000
  • You become a certified coach to teach and train using our brand and name – valued at $30,000

Total Value: $80,000
Your Price: $19,997

The Guru Leader Mentorship

What You Get

  • Guru Empire Blueprint Coaching Program
  • Private Guru Coach
  • James Personal Guru Empire Coaching
  • 12 Month Guru Empire Building Plan
  • Weekly Achievement Call
  • Group Coaching on Zoom
  • Case Studies
  • Goal Achievement and Tracking
  • Weekly Advanced Guru Training
  • Global Guru Networking and Joint-Ventures
  • Online Guru Community 24/7
  • Limitless Q&A
  • Ever-Growing Video Library
  • Weekly Interviews
  • Hot Seat Coaching Shows
  • Million Dollar Speaker
  • Pure Selling
  • Verbal Aikido
  • Verbal Aikido for Networking
  • The 5-HOUR Book
  • Pure Power Voice
  • Wealthy World Changer Workshop

Total Value: $49,997
Your Price: $9,997

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