Dream Life Community

Getting Started Guide

Welcome To YOur Community

I James MacNeil and our team wants to welcome you to our amazing DreamLife Community!  Below you will find some short instructions on how to use our community.  If you ever have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us at dreamteam@jamesmacneil.com

First Post Of Every Thread

When you login you will have access to a variety of different threads and events.  The threads are used to communicate in the community.  

You should have access to the “What’s New” thread as well as several others.  

The first post in every thread is a pinned post and will tell you what this thread is used for.  So if you ever get lost or don’t know what a thread is about, just read the first post.


All upcoming events are in the events space.  You might see multiple events going on depending on what you have access to.  

To join an event, just click the “RSVP” button next to the event you want to join and select which event/s you want (if there are multiple days for the same event, it will ask you which ones you want to rsvp for), then click the RSVP button again in the popup.  You can also add it to your calendar by clicking on the “Add all to calendar” link in the popup after you RSVP.  

You will receive reminder emails and notifications when the event is coming close.  


Near the bottom of the left side menu, you will see a section called “Links” and a link called “Courses”.  This is where you can get access to all the courses that is associated with your account.  You will need to login to access those courses (we will send you a login email to sign up for that) and then you can watch, learn, and complete the courses at your own pace.  

Get in touch

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Work inquiries

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